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All natural bleaching cream

Gentle, safe and effective

Guaranteed results within 7 days!


Maldita Bleach is a homemade bleaching cream tested and used by generations. It is made from natural bleaching ingredients, carefully mixed together. It is proven to be gentle, safe and effective to lighten the skin by nourishing and exfoliation, giving you a youthful, radiant and glowing look.


Contains: Lasonia inermis, albumen, dihydrogen dioxide and fragrance



1.      Wash skin to remove dirt.

2.      Apply an ample amount of cream on to the desired area.

3.      Leave it for one (1) hour.

4.      Rinse thoroughly.

5.      Nourish skin with moisturizing lotion.

·         Use every day for 7 days and


DTI Permit No.: 03249310

Net Weight: 250 grams



Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds.

Keep out of reach of children.

Perform a skin test on a small part of the skin, if irritation develops, discontinue use.







Question 1. Is it really safe?

Answer: Yes! Absolutely, a lot of people have testified that Maldita Bleach is safe to use. Upon application, you may experience a mild, tingly sensation. This sensation is an indicator that the bleach is doing its magic. You may feel some little burning sensation if the product comes in contact with skin wounds like scratches or insect bites. Just avoid these areas until the skin is completely healed.


Question 2. How often should I use the product to achieve its effects?

Answer: It is recommended to apply the cream once a day for the first seven (7) consecutive days to the desired area that you wish to whiten. Leave the product for at least one (1) hour then rinse with water. You can use a shower cloth, loofah or body scrub to help remove the cream. After this first seven days, you can now apply it 2 to 3 times per week until you are satisfied with the results.


Question 3. Should I avoid sun exposure?

Answer: It is OK to be under the sunshine. But obviously, too much exposure to the sun, even to those who are not bleaching, is not good.


Question 4. Can I use Maldita Bleach in conjunction with other skin care products?

Answer: During the bleaching process, your skin is expected to become a little bit dry due to the exfoliation. To combat this reaction, nourish your skin with your favourite moisturizing cream or lotion.


Question 5. My skin hairs turned to white! Is this OK?

Answer: Your skin hairs will return to its normal color once they grow again. There is nothing to be worried about.


Question 6. Will my skin turn back to its dark days when I stop using the product?

Answer: No.


Question 7. My skin is not yet exfoliating. Is this normal?

Answer: It all depends on your skin type. Some users may see the peeling just after few applications. Some may see it a little longer.


Question 8. I ordered my first tub of Maldita Bleach. When I received it, it's half empty.

Answer: Maldita Bleach contains beaten egg whites. Fresh from the production, the tub is full. In time, microscopically trapped air in the product will escape, making the package look 'less' than what is advertised. No worries, the mass is still the same.





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