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Jiaoli Miraculous Day and Night Cream

(Each box contain 1 day cream 20g and 1 night cream 20g)

with the latest anti-counterfeit sticker (see picture)
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Jiaoli Miraculous Cream is prepared from famous Chinese traditional medicine. Made with special technique, the cream can improve the skin of the face, quickly penetrating into the deeper part of the skin. Therefore it can invigorate the circulation of the blood, dispel melanin gradually and remove harmful substance from the skin so that the skin will become clean and rosy and healthy.

Main Ingredients:
Xiong guo gan
Fruit Acid
Pearl powder
the placenta element of sheep
essence of aloe.

Quickly and thoroughly remove pigment and whiten the skin. It has special effect on removing skin ulcer, melanin, brown skin, freckles, brown speckles, pregnancy pigment wrinkles, sunlight-proof.

? Apply twice a day to clean skin.
? Apply day cream (Jar 1) in the morning and night cream (Jar 2) in the evening before going to bed. Avoid eye area.
? Gently massage cream in circular motion as you apply.

Before applying the cream, do a patch test. Dab a small amount on the inside of your arm and check for any hypersensitive reaction within 12 hours. Do not use if skin becomes red, swollen or inflamed. You may feel a slight hot sensation, tingling, tightening, or reddening in areas where you have applied the cream. This is a normal phenomenon, a sign that the Jiaoli cream is taking effect. You may take Vitamin C and E or anti-sensitive medication if it is serious. Or you may cover your face with a cold wet towel.

? For external use only.
? Forbid use by children and pregnant women.
? Keep away from children.
? Take extra care when applying in sensitive areas near eyes. Do not scrub.
? Refrain from prolonged direct sun exposure. Always use sunblock when going out.
? Keep product away from direct exposure to sunlight.
? Keep in cool dry place.
? Strong fragrance indicative of authenticity and potency but maybe bothersome if not used to Chinese herbal smell.

Currently a lot of faked JIAOLI Spot-Removing cream emerged in the market, which has damaged the interest of customers. In order to curb this, they have adopted updated laser technology of convex character of the number of products, one mark one number. There is an anti-mark with concave and convex feeling that can help customers identify the original product. The Silver print in the box should have 3 sticker seals, and the box should reflect rainbow colors when light touches it. This is a special hologram design to distinguish from the fake.

The safety of this product has not been determined.

Manufactured by: Harbin Gelidai Jiabao Cosmetics Company Ltd.
Address: No. 69, Erdao Street, Nanyuan.
Production Permit: XK16-108 3097
Hygiene Permit: 97 Wie-Zhuang
Approval: No. 15 XK-007
Special Permit: (2000) No. 0006
Standard Followed: QB/T1857-96
Registered Trademark: 3225772
Quality: Guaranteed Period 2 years see the date at the bottom of the bottle

Remark: Manufacturer refers Hygiene, Standard Followed, and special permits approvals on its literature. To secure such permits and publicly declare them, can only be construed that manufacturer produced this item under strict compliance process, a positive indication that the product is safe to use.




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1 box Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 45



2 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 55



3 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 70



4 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 85


5 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 100


6 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 115


7 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 130


8 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 145


9 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 160


10 boxes Miraculous Day and Night Cream 2 tubs x 20g


US$ 175




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