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1200mg Lyophilized Glutathione Powder

+ 10 ampoules Hydrolyzed Collagen & Vit. C










Tatiomax Reduced Glutathione 1200mg + (Lyophilized Powder for IM/IV injection)

Hydrolyzed Collagen 200mg+ Vitamin C Ampoule 500mg/5ml


Benefits of Glutathione

• Clear skin, free from pimples

• Extra energy for the body

• Improves immune system

• Slower aging and skin protection

• Improved sexual health, and even sperm count for male


Benefits of Collagen

• Collagen is a fibrous protein, important in supporting tissues, skin, organ, tendons, ligaments and etc.

• As a replenishment where collagen reduces when aged.

• Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and minor scars.

• Maintains the production of cartilage and joints

• Improve elasticity of skin, makes more supple and moisture.


Benefits of Vitamin C

• Helps in the production of Collagen

• Helps skin repair itself

• Helps slows down the rate of free radical damage

• Reverse skin damage


The amazing health benefits of glutathione, collagen and vitamin c is more important. Without these antioxidants, nature's free radicals would cause endless damage to our bodies and living healthy would be quite difficult. Please contact your doctor to recommend or prescribe the right dose of Tatiomax Plus+ for you.

Method of Administration: by Intravenous route for fast and better result


Recommended Use:

For Skin Whitening: twice a week or every 3 days

For Maintenance: If desired skin tone is achieved reduce injection once a week



Fair to Light Brown skin tone: 1 – 3 months

Medium- dark brown skin tone: 3 – 6 months

Darker skin tones: 6 months or more


Note: Whitening effects STILL vary with skin types and YOUR LIFESTYLE. Faster results are seen if you limit your alcohol intake, caffeine intake, smoking, and other forms of vices that might lessen the anti-oxidant effect of your glutathione and vitamin C. And of course, you still need to avoid too much exposure from sunlight.


Precautions: Products for parenteral use should be visually inspected before administration, when the container or the solution makes it possible, in order to possibly detect the presence of particles or of an abnormal color. Do not use in case of presence of turbidity or precipitates.


Use in pregnancy & lactation: The available data show that Glutathione, being a substance physiologically present in cells, does not cause unwanted effects in women during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Nevertheless, as with all drugs, Glutathione should only be administered to pregnant or lactating mothers on proper medical advice.


Interactions: Vitamin K3, Vitamin B12, Calcium Pantothenate, orotic acid, antihistamines, sulfanilamides and tetracycline can affect the bioavailability of glutathione. In the absence of compatibility studies, Glutathione should not be mixed with other products.


Undesirable effects: After intramascular administration, rare of skin rash have been reported which have disappeared after discontinuation of treatment.


Over dosage: No case of overdose has been reported. If needed, symptomatic treatments may be employed. 


Storage: Store below 30ΊC. Constituted solutions of Glutathione maintain satisfactory potency at room temperature (up to 25ΊC) up to 8hrs.


Imported and Distributed by: T/M Pharma Co.



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1 box Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 190



2 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 375



3 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 550



4 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 715


5 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 865


6 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 1,015


7 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 1,150


8 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 1,275


9 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 1,390


10 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 1,495


11 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 1,645


12 boxes Tatiomax Plus + 10 vials & 10 ampoules


US$ 1,790




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